Confidence in Humanity and Government

Undrai interprets the undercurrent of the "marginalized" in our present society; Are dreams possible in this climate of affairs?

Are We Ready?

Has "Greater" become a thing of the past? Dr. Fizer speaks briefly about it.

People, Not Policies! ~Dr. Undrai F. Fizer



I know what it's like to be considered "irrelevant, insignificant, and in the way." It's not a comforting feeling to experience the "obvious." Maybe, we can view "marginalization" as those who receive "the leftovers" of a particular thing after all of "the main core of resources" have been intentionally distributed amongst "the preferred" and the "wish to know!"

The feelings of global sightedness can and will cause an inner frustration that is powerful enough to create thoughts of hopelessness, and insignificance. It was for this reason that I felt an inward compelling to run for office.

You'd have to ask yourself "how should Compassion be distributed?" How should Wisdom be distributed? How should Love and Empowerment be distributed? How do we raise the level of consciousness, pride, and worthiness in ALL PEOPLE?  It's doable "if we allow ourselves to do so!"


Fizer speaks on the source which produces powerful governing!



If YOU were in office, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  How would YOU bring significance and change to the present issues of the country?  Where would YOU start and how would YOU begin? What Values would you consider when making decisions for millions of people? What insight would you live from in order to determine the wisdom used in making critical decisions?  We are in this evolution together and it will take a bold move in order to produce the type of management that's needed to create powerful communities.  Think about it.  What would YOU DO?



Experiencing a Continual Transcendence above Global Hate, Misinterpretation, and More!


Be the epitome of the Justice, Respect, and Empowerment YOU SEEK.

We should never ask for a responsibility that we are not ready to live for. We should not be found responsible for the "genocide" of our own inner treasure, greatness, potential, or fellow Americans. We are not obligated to be "minor" in our own existence. We should live "major" when it comes to fulfilling and manifesting our Divine Birthright!

Be your own Justice. In spite of.

Be your own Success. In spite of.

Be your own Power. In spite of.

No one. No era. No history. No oppression, has ever taken this away from US, "no matter how hard it was tried!"
The greatest sign that all of the world should experience, is not a "sign that is raised high in the air with positive words engraved upon it," but a generational vibration that let's ALL LIVES know, that we Love and are born of God! 

My "21 Seeds" of HUMANITY


Dr. Undrai F. Fizer reveals his core values from which he would perceive, govern, and function! 

It's Not Too Late for HUMANITY!

The world needs to be touched. Out of all of the beautiful promises and rhetoric, this incredible is still lacking in the prophetic touch of Humanity, Worthiness, and True Consideration. Hopefully, we can establish a government and a table of diplomacy that will create a dimension of Compassion and Inspiring Policies that will gain the trust of the nation.  Or, do YOU believe that we are imagining the wrong thing?  Let's take the chance and go for it!


Ambassador Fizer listens to the concerns of our city's elders!

For the past 2 weeks, I have dialogued with a number of senior-citizens who have voiced their concerns regarding food stamp decreases, health-care, and medicare/medicaid. Our elders have much to live for and I believe it's only right to answer their questions and bring peace to this stage of life. We are planning a "Brunch and Dialogue," scheduled for August 29th, at Cornerstone Gardens and are inviting candidates and elders together in a profound forum!


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