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Consider Your Local Judicial and Educational Elections in 2017

Many of us, especially in the African-American Community, have missed vital election points in the voting process. Many of us, including myself, have "ignored and overlooked" key races, ballot measures, and elections that could've turned the atmosphere of our politics, agendas, and policies.  Many of us only vote in the Federal elections, i.e. Presidential, and have completely forgotten about our state legislature, district elections, county elections, and even law enforcement.  Also, many of us have yet to contribute financially to our governing party of choice. Its one thing to vote for candidates in a certain party, and another to be a registered member of the party itself.  Many of us have not known, or have not been interested in the process of governance and government. 

Here are a few things to consider...

1. Make sure your voter registration is current. There are deadlines that, if not registered by the appropriate time, your participation in the current election year will be null and void.

2. Invest financially in the party of your choice.

3. Invest financially in the candidates of your choice. They not only need your vote, they need your money!

4. Engage in and familiarize yourself with the races of your city, district, county, and state.

5. Stay current on the issues, candidates, and more.

6. Evaluate the virtue and passion of the candidates.

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